The magic even happens when I'm asleep

Since I moved into my lovely little flat, there has been a huge increase in the level of amazing, outrageous spiritual experiences I've had. If having lots of amazing bizarre energy things happen is a sign that I'm where I'm supposed to be, then I'm definitely where I'm supposed to be. Immediately after moving in, within 3 weeks I had 3 clients all say virtually the same thing to me. All completely out of the blue, one of them even now lives in America but went out of her way to let me know. I wasn't deliberately connecting with any of them, but I've always promised to the universe that if I can be of use, then to put me to work! I just never expected to be put to work on an astral level while I was asleep! Here's the basis of what they all said to me: "Last night I had a very vivid dream that you were giving me healing, it was amazing! I really felt the energy and I woke up feeling great/calm/sparkly!" That's the condensed version I got from everyone, almost word for word. The bits that varied were things like "I woke up immediately, wide awake and I could still feel the energy in my body, then I went straight back to sleep", "It was really cool! Were you sending me distance healing? I'm working on some pretty deep trauma so it was perfect timing", "It was really weird I woke up and felt totally calm about a meeting I'd been freaking out about all week". There are so many things going on, on levels that I'm not even aware of but I'm glad I can be of service even in the most surprising ways.

Have you ever had any cool dreams? prophetic? healing? I'd love to hear, tell me about it below...


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