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How can I improve my energy?

This entry was posted on November 18, 2015

I hear this question a lot and because I don’t like a lot of faff I’ll get straight to it…

  1. Meditate – oh my gosh meditate. Just do it. Even now. Set a timer for 2 minutes, then breathe in for a count of 3 and breathe out for a count of 6 (if you’re asthmatic try 2 & 4) and focus on counting for until the buzzer goes. Ideally you’d also do belly breathing at the same time where your belly expands and contracts and your shoulders and ribs stay pretty much in the same place, it’s a calming breath that’s good for your physical body.

  2. Sage – the first time I heard of it I dismissed it as one of those things people who are a bit loopy do but then a friend in America encouraged me to be a bit more open minded (yeah I know… sounds a bit daft coming from me, but I’m not always open to new things). Anyway we lit the dried sage and wafted it around my body and oh my gosh the tingles!! Try it, it’s awesome and it only takes a minute.

  3. Learn Reiki 1 or any self healing method or just try it, just put your hands on your body and ask for healing!! Then give yourself healing EVERY DAY!! EVERY DAY! Become responsible for your own energy frequency and health. Honestly if it changes your life like it has my students, you’ll be amazed!

  4. Learn to ground your energy, find an energy practitioner, they should be able to help but easy guided meditations do it too and a whole host of other ways, but find a way that works for you and do it often.

  5. Learn how to reinforce your auric boundaries, I call this my bubble because that’s what I called it when I was a kid but whatever you call it, strengthen it, make it really thick and strong and it’ll help you maintain the fast energy you’ve been building.

  6. All the obvious life stuff helps too, distance yourself from people that bring you down, put you down or sap your emotional energy. Nourish your body with food, don’t do drugs (most people’s energy cannot cope with it, even the ‘natural’ stuff, a couple of people can but it’s like alcohol it just gets in the way of amazing energy), watch comedies, fill yourself up with love and goodness and you’ll radiate happiness/ contentment and joy and that will help improve your spiritual energy.

  7. Deal with your baggage, the big stuff from your childhood but also the crap that’s going on today, now. My spiritual teacher was telling me the other day that even at 85 she still has to work through baggage, it doesn’t stop, we just get used to pushing through those uncomfortable feelings to find that beautiful light within us.

There are more things of course but there’s quite a lot to be getting on with there and I’ve got to head off now to see my afternoon and evening clients.

Much love,


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