Minimalism and non attachment

Minimalism and non attachment

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I over heard some people discussing non attachment.


In all its non attachment glory, the people were discussing how liberating it is to be free from their stuff. It was inspiring! I’ve even been that person before, talking about how light and energised I feel with ‘less’ or ‘less attachment’ to things.


But what I found myself thinking when I was listening to them is that perhaps they get this wonderful liberating feeling because they’ve got a home or room to call their own, it’s freedom within the security of a nest.


I’m not particularly a ‘stuff’ person but I’ve learnt recently (whilst travelling and not really having a ‘home’) that I find it liberating to not be attached to ‘stuff’ but I am also incredibly liberated by having a nest, having a place to call home and know it’s mine. Of course, that’s the complete opposite of non attachment. What that shows is pure attachment and possessiveness over a room, house or location.


Turns out, having a lack of stuff and having a home matter to my balance, the balance between my feelings of freedom and security.


What have you noticed about your attachments or lack of?x


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