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Ideas to add beauty and elegance to your life

This entry was posted on July 3, 2014

I found this list in one of my gorgeous little notebooks. I hope you like it, the ideas make me smile,xx

1. Write more thank you notes

2. Have a signature scent

3. Be well presented

4. Wear more dresses (or collars for men)

5. Wear block colours

6. Have a signature dish that you can easily make for guests

7. Have a favourite drink and always have a spare bottle to hand

8. Listen without interrupting

9. Speak more softly, there’s no need to shout

10. Have great manners

11. Have great posture

12. Accessorise with statement pieces

13. Remember birthdays

14. Be able to bake quick delicious cookies, muffins or sweet treats

15. Don’t point out other people’s mistakes

16. Don’t talk badly about people

17. Learn to take a deep breath rather than shout

18. Remove yourself from situations that make you angry and tackle the problem with a clear head another time.

19. Accept compliments graciously, say thank you and tell them how it makes you feel to have received the compliment.

20. Wear less make up but look after your skin more

21. Don’t rush

22. Be optimistic and share positivity

23. Wear clothes that fit well

24. Learn to respectfully say no, and use it often so you can focus on what really matters to you.

25. Hold yourself to high standards but don’t get frazzled trying to over achieve.

26. Learn to do classic hair up styles

27. Learn to wear jeans and a tee shirt as gracefully as a dress

28. Learn to say sorry sincerely

29. Always take a gift for your host

30. Only wear trainers for exercise (or commuting)

31. Have white bedding, towels and plates

32. Have a soft blanket to wrap yourself up in

33. Light candles at home

34. Use lamps rather than over head lighting

35. Go for nice long walks at the weekends

36. Don’t over spend ~ stick to your budget

37. Don’t over indulge ~ eat for nourishment not for entertainment

38. Say please and thank you

39. Never speak with your mouth full

40. Do small favours for others

41. Give sincere compliments often ~ look for things you admire and tell people

42. Let those you love know you cherish them ~ say I love you when you feel it

43. Always have a bottle of champagne in the fridge ~ you never know what wonderful thing might happen

44. Celebrate the small things as well as the big things

45. Have an uncluttered space

46. Genuinely connect with people, give them your time and attention

47. Leave your phone in your bag (and on silent) when at dinner or meeting someone for coffee

48. Look after your health

49. Keep your nails neat and clean, ideally manicured

50. Know your strengths and know your weaknesses, but most importantly know that your worth is sacred and immeasurable

51. Keep learning

52. Listen to classical music

53. Have fresh flowers in your home

54. Have special ways to reward yourself that aren’t linked with food

55. Have enough quiet time to be emotionally stable

56. Let go of relationships that have ended respectfully. Even if it ended on bad terms, don’t engage with the drama.

57. Know what you want and be willing to walk away from situations that don’t fit with your dreams

58. Learn to enjoy your own company

59. Have routines to make life easier

60. Have a place for everything and everything in it’s place

61. If you’ve got too much stuff for your space/needs declutter

62. Build friendships with people that inspire you and motivate you

63. Use real handkerchiefs and napkins

64. Know that an elegant life isn’t about being perfect or putting on a front, it’s about creating a world of luxury and ease that makes life sweeter and more beautiful

65. Take a class ~ an art class or learn to play a musical instrument

66. Read books

67. Know what’s going on in the world, 1 global issue, 1 national and 1 local

68. Don’t be a slave to technology, remember it’s there to support us

69. If something’s urgent ~ call, don’t text or email

70. Find a form of exercise that you’re inspired by

71. Don’t take things personally

72. Wear beautiful lingerie every day ~ when you buy a set, buy another 5 knickers

73. Wear silky night dresses ~ feel beautiful falling asleep and waking up

74. Have a holiday at home

75. Plan time to do nothing at all, and wait until you feel inspired to do something

76. Never strive to impress anyone other than yourself

77. Don’t confuse being busy with being productive

78. Send a weekly email to your boss celebrating your success and progress that week and highlighting any areas of support required

79. Take your time getting places, even if it means leaving earlier

80. Be on time to meetings

81. If you can’t think of anything nice to say, say nothing at all

82. Smile and laugh every day

83. Agree to disagree

84. Stay home and rest when you are ill, invest in your health

85. When you don’t know the answer, be honest

86. Don’t compare yourself with others

87. Apologise sincerely, don’t waste time with excuses

88. Know that good things happen to good people but bad things happen to good people too. Things just happen but you can keep being the best version of yourself in that moment

89. Accept the apology you never got

90. Throw dinner parties or celebrations in honour of everyone who stood by you through your highs and lows

91. Plan in buffer time ~ always add on a third of the time you think it’ll take

92. Have money for a rainy day

93. Have a £1000 emergency fund

94. Have a mentor/role model you aspire to be like


Will you help me get to 100? What beautiful things would you add to your life?? Tell me in the comments.


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