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Food as fuel

This entry was posted on June 21, 2014

It’s nothing new until it’s new for you.

We typically use food as a stimulant, as entertainment, as something to sooth our boredom.

There’s something incredibly liberating about breaking away from this. When we start choosing food as fuel we start choosing to feel great.

This is one of my favourite meals, salmon salad, yum!! Why is it one of my favourites?? Because I feel great afterwards!! Yes it tastes nice but it’s not a double chocolate cream cake kind of nice (which might make you feel great but the sugar & dairy definitely doesn’t make my body feel great).

I used to be a crazy chocoholic, cream cake, sugar on frosties kinda girl. But needless to say that when you feel so ill after eating something (even deliciously divine) it really puts you off and now I don’t even look at cakes and wish I could have one. I look at them and immediately remember how sick I felt last time I had a slice. And yes periodically I convince myself I must be cured and then have a slice… But I’m beginning to accept that my body knows best & really my only job is to fuel it to the best of my ability.

I’m on a mini mission at the moment to have 14 meals that I love, that I can make & will keep me healthy & of course are free from the ingredients my body doesn’t like. My other mini mission is to find sweet treats (sugar free) that can satisfy my need for a treat but still be good for me.

Basically I’ve decided nothing tastes as good as feeling great does!

I’m in need of inspiration… What foods make your body feel great??xx

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