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My I’m too busy Checklist

This entry was posted on June 12, 2014

Here’s a quick checklist I wrote for myself a few days ago just to keep myself on track with the basic things that we (uhem.. I) like to pretend don’t really effect me but do. And I also wrote corresponding actions so I didn’t even have to think about what I needed to do.

Don’t derail yourself by hoping you’re a machine… because you’re not and never will be. You’re a biological masterpiece of intricate complexities that science doesn’t even fully understand yet, you’re human.


Am I thirsty? ~ drink a pint of water

Am I sleepy? ~ go to bed early tonight

Am I hungry? ~ eat something nutritious

Am I restless? ~ move

Am I anxious? ~ listen to classical music

Am I overwhelmed? ~ give yourself 10 minutes alone to ease your senses. Close your eyes, find silence or calming music

Am I smiling? ~ smile, just do it! Really smile! Think of something lovely and smile!

Have I laughed today? ~ urmm… Youtube

Have I let someone bother me? ~ forgive them for not being who you wanted them to be & let it go

Have I connected with someone I care about? ~ connect, send a text, call them, write them a letter telling them why you’re grateful to have them in your life

These have kept me sane during a really busy time, I hope they inspire you to write your own checklist. Let me know which questions you’d add in the comments.


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