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Root down to Rise up

This entry was posted on March 4, 2014

Sometimes I surprise myself with my own stupidity, my ability to share knowledge with others but inability to see the glaringly obvious in my own life.

I’ve been pondering a question these past few days, how can I get my energy back to being super fast?

Okay so my energy is naturally very fast but there is a sweet spot that I experience when my energy is super fast. There have been periods of my life where I’ve lived mostly in that super fast space and it’s awesome! I feel almost electric, like I’m constantly healing or flowing with an abundance of energy. Until Thursday afternoon I was in that super fast energy and all sorts of usual things (even unusual for me) were happening. Then it disappeared and I felt very run down.

Today I gave a lady healing and spent most of the time grounding her energy properly so her head energy could expand and lighten. It was a pretty amazing session because I’d seen her the previous week and prepared her energy to work on deeper structural things this week. She had some very interesting experiences like feeling someone hold her hand and being taken on a mental journey and seeing a bright white light towards the end of the session.

Later on when I was contemplating that question, how can I increase my energy again? It dawned on me, I need to root down to rise up. I need to be strong in my root chakra to allow my crown chakra to expand again.

Amazing isn’t it how we can be so smart to have the answer but still so stupid to not realise that we already know the answer. Oh dear, we’ve got to laugh at ourselves sometimes! I’m off to root down to rise up.

Have you had Reiki before? If so share your experiences below,xx

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