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Healing – how do you get rid of the negative stuff

This entry was posted on February 23, 2014

A client of mine last week was very quiet and unsure before their reiki session but afterwards when he felt much better he started asking loads of questions.

One of the questions was “how do you get rid of the negative energy you took away from me?”

This launched me into a huge answer, bless him I don’t think he was expecting such a long answer. I’ll try to keep it as concise as possible here.

I don’t take any energy from anyone, positive energy or negative energy.

There is no such thing as negative energy anyway, it’s just slow energy.

So first of all I don’t need to ever get rid of their ‘negative’ energy after a session because number one, there is no such thing as negative energy, two because my job is just to share super fast energy.

The reason people feel like ‘blocks’ disappear is because the slow energy gets quicker (& there for seems to disappear).

The reason slow energy gets quicker during a healing session is because a healer is really just someone who can allow super fast energy to move through them and to another person.

It really does seem very simple when we know that energy is all about speed rather than positive or negative, good or bad.

There is a lot to be discussed about emotional contagion (where you feel down after seeing or speaking to certain people) but that’s a normal every day thing and not specific to healing.

Please ask any questions in the comments, much love,x

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