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Problem to solve??

This entry was posted on January 24, 2014,

As humans we like to think we can solve things, that we gain our significance by making things ‘alright’ again.

But we can’t change or solve some of the truly horrible things that happen in life. We can’t rationalise them away. All we can do is turn our compassion way up high like the thermostat dial and gain warmth from love.

So share compassion and shine love. It’s the closest way we know how to accept that certain things will never be ‘okay’ but love and compassion will make them easier to live with.

Love doesn’t make things okay again but it does make them a bit better,xx

I found this in one of my old diaries and when I read it, it just hit home as being beautifully true and a great reminder to myself. What have you been trying to ‘solve’ recently that might be made a bit better by shining more love on it?xx

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