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White Feathers

White Feathers

This entry was posted on December 27, 2013,

A number of my clients have spoken about how when they see a white feather they know it’s their angels showing support. One lady asked me if I could confirm if this was the case and I said ‘Sorry no, to be able to tell if there were any unearthly goings-on I’d have to be present when it happened’ and that it was very possible it was a form of communication and most importantly a lovely idea and that if I were her I’d choose to believe whatever brought me the most joy.

I still agree with what I said and I do genuinely believe that we should choose to believe what brings us the most joy and comfort, we should make our beliefs work for us, they should be supportive because life can be challenging enough without believing unsupportive things.

On another day, with a different client, I gave a mediumship sitting (a connection to a clients loved one in heaven) and then when we walked to our cars after the sitting, we saw a pure white feather slowly float down and rest on my windshield. I could feel the loving presence of the lady we’d connected with and the lady who’d come for the sitting said ‘My sister told me she’d let me know she was here with a white feather’. That was a very special white feather moment because of the overwhelming love it came with.

One morning as I walked to my car, I saw a white feather on my car bonnet, it wasn’t a big deal but I noticed it because it’s not very common where I live. Any way on the drive to work I was in a tiny crash, the bonnet got dented but everyone was fine and the other car didn’t even have a scuff on it. I considered myself very lucky that morning but always wondered, was the feather a blessing that it would only be a small crash and everyone would be okay or was it a warning to me to keep alert or was it just a coincidence? I can’t be sure because I didn’t feel a presence but I wasn’t paying attention so I wouldn’t have noticed even if there were a presence, I was too engaged in the task of getting to my office.

Then there was a situation that only happened today and inspired this post, today as I was sat inside my office before any clients arrived. I was planning on writing a blog post and but didn’t know what to write about and a pure white feather floated down (inside the office) and landed on my desk. I mean, really! I understand that it’s possible the feather could have been carried in on a coat or something but white feathers aren’t that common outside, let alone inside and floating down onto my desk! I mean, seriously! So needless to say, I took it as a sign and started writing.

This has been a reminder to me that there is magic all around us and sometimes it’s so blatant that it’s hard to miss, but other times it’s more subtle and what’s important for me, and perhaps for you, is that whether we are concentrating on it or not, whether we can feel or see it right now or not, the magic is always there,x

Let me know your white feather experiences below in the comments,x

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