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You can’t choose the wrong cards in a psychic reading

This entry was posted on October 25, 2013

I had a very interesting experience yesterday at the beginning of a psychic reading.

At the start of every psychic reading I cleanse the cards of the previous person’s energy and then pass the cards across to the client and let them infuse their energy in the cards. However, yesterday for the first time I forgot to cleanse the cards at the start. No idea why I forgot, possibly an absent minded moment or to do with the fact I’ve been doing so many readings back to back that I was in need of a mental break? (In my dream last night I did another 6 readings for people, I’m like reading central right now) Anyways, I forgot and in forgetting I learnt something very interesting, I learnt that you can’t choose the wrong cards.

Here is why I think that you can’t choose the wrong cards. After I forgot to cleanse the cards I could feel that the new lady’s energy wasn’t properly infused into the cards for her reading but I thought I’d check first to see if the cards ‘made sense’. The cards she chose were the EXACT same cards that the previous client had chosen. That is totally unheard of, there are more than 70 cards in this deck and even more strangely, she chose them almost in the same order.

I realised my mistake immediately but rather than feeling silly for forgotten to cleanse the cards I was fascinated by what this meant, it meant that my theory must be correct. There are many aspects to my gifts that I just do, and I don’t really understand it (not fully), I just know it works and I have a few theories around ‘how’ it works. Then in moments like this when I find out that my theories are correct, I’m honestly rather impressed. I always say the most important part of the reading is in the shuffling in the beginning, I wait until I can ‘feel’ the clients energy infused in the cards and once I’ve got that I know I’m on track. I feel energy outside my body and around me all the time so that bit is rather easy. What this experience suggests is that the most important bit really is the start. It’s not in choosing the cards because you will be drawn to the correct cards because they will energetically stand out more.

This makes so much sense and fits with my theory around skype readings or when clients want to ask about a relative. All I do is cleanse the cards of their energy and energetically connect with that person then infuse the cards with their energy. The skill is in cleansing the cards then connecting with the person’s energy and making sure their energy gets infused into the cards.

So if you choose to go for a reading, relax, you can only ever choose the right cards because they will energetically ‘stand out’ not just to you but to anyone choosing the cards whilst your energy is infused in the cards.


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