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The mythical magical Witching Hour

This entry was posted on September 22, 2013

I’ve heard of the mythical witching hour, I’m sure most of us have. We can barely get to adolescence without it popping up in one story or another. I also know a Wiccan who says the most magical time of day is 11pm. This got me thinking… maybe there is an element of truth in it. But I’m convinced it’s got nothing to do with a specific time. Partly because I don’t believe time exists in a classic sense. Partly because last night I found myself in a wonderful space where I could read for myself (I’m a professional psychic but reading for myself requires detachment to the outcome which is understandably difficult) so I was quite fascinated with this mental space I was in. It’s very similar to the state I was in when I used to have out of body experiences.

Anyway I’m getting side tracked, I think the reason that the witching hour is considered so magical is because of that beautiful space between alertness and sleepiness, where our minds melt a little and we are more in touch with our spirit, our energy, our essence.