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Let’s make ‘Future You’ proud

This entry was posted on October 11, 2013

It is tempting sometimes to give up and sit back and wait for life to take the choice out of your hands. But when you feel the overwhelming desire to say ‘No’ to life. Please remember that at the exact moment you want to step off your path is the precise moment you desperately need to make a decision.

The world can feel topsey-turvey at times but remember feelings pass (feelings are just energy in motion and they move through the body in waves and you can even feel these waves when you don’t attach to the feelings). In the knowledge that feelings pass, we can support our future by making choices right now that help support the ‘us’ of tomorrow’. This past year I have constantly been asking myself: Am I making choices that ‘future me’ will be proud of or pleased about?

Even if you want to step off your path and run away, make sure that you’re saying Yes to life rather than running from something you’re saying ‘no’ to. It’s a small distinction but the kind of thing that we look back on very differently. People rarely regret the things they said yes to as much as the things they said no to. We can always look back and see what we learnt from a crappy situation but we can’t look back on the things we said no to without wondering what could have been.

Needless to say I’ve made a few bad choices, but hey I’m human and we learn from every decision and I learnt that I’ll not make some of those choices again. Now I find myself enjoying the moment and thinking about building a future I’ll love. Soooo… what can we choose or do today, that ‘Future You’ will be pleased about?xx

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