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Emotions are Energy in Motion

This entry was posted on September 9, 2013

A number of years ago when I first started as a corporate trainer, I was sat with my boss over lunch and we were discussing emotions. How easy it was to get stuck in an emotion and let it shape your whole day. How it’s even easier when we felt like our emotions were something we had no control over. My boss knew and embraced my spiritual gifts and I often shared my perspective on things. In this conversation I spoke about how emotions are just energy in motion. If you really allow yourself to feel, totally embrace your emotion then you’ll realise that emotions are like waves. They wash over you initially with great power, then they subside. The secret as far as I’m concerned is noticing as it subsides and choosing something to focus on that is just a little bit warmer, a little bit more supportive.

The trick for me was to be 100% honest about my emotion in that moment. It used to bother me when people who didn’t really care about how I felt would ask casually ‘How are you?’ as a morning statement as I walked into the office. Rather than be positive on the outside but feel like a fraud I’d say ‘I’ve been better but I’ll be okay, how are you?’ (and I’d only add the how are you? if I actually cared, often I didn’t, so instead I’d say something like ‘I hope you had a good weekend’). In my experience there are few things more important to my emotional health than being so honest with myself that I trust myself and this is one easy was to develop self trust.

So the most important things that I try to remember are:

1. Emotions are energy in motion (they move like waves)

2. Be 100% honest with yourself (you are developing self trust)

3. Notice the wave, the intensity and then as it subsides

With those three things in mind you can then choose to shift your focus as the energy of the emotion subsides, allowing a new wave to gather power and eventually wash over you,x

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