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Drop Toxic People like Hotcakes

Drop Toxic People like Hotcakes

This entry was posted on September 3, 2013

We all know that toxic people can play havoc with our lives. Nearly all of us have had at least one friend that seemed to cause drama wherever they were for too long. What we don’t all know is that those people also play havoc with our energy.

Even if your energy is in a super strong and stable phase, after a period of time their chaotic energy will impact on yours. And heaven forbid your energy is suffering for any reason because if so, you’ll feel the dampening effects on your energy quicker and more. When I was I this state I felt it as distinctly as if I were coming down with a cold.

Ways to identify this:

You’ll just know, if not as it’s happening, definitely afterwards.

You always feel drained (or less sparkly around them)

You may feel heavy around them

You may get sicker than normal

Regardless of the situation they’re in, it is a far worse situation than yours (according to them)

There is always a victim mentality, a complete inability to accept responsibility for their lives

You feel anxious around them when you never normally feel unsettled

In the stories they tell themselves, they are totally blameless. You may have heard things like, ‘well I can’t help it, it’s because my Dad never loved me’ etc

And the worst part is it’s catching! Their behaviours and thought patterns and victim-like mentality are contagious. (*Because behaviours and thought patterns are contagious). So drop them like Hotcakes and go find someone else to hang out with. It may take your energy a little while to recover even around nurturing people so do it as soon as you can.

Your energy will return to normal far quicker than shaking off some of their mentality so keep yourself in check on it. After all you don’t want to become that person for someone you love.

Your energy is precious because it is a prelude to all things coming into your life. Great energy = the best coming into your life and you’ll respond in the best way you can to situations.

Important note: they’ll be fine. You might feel bad about dropping them but they’ll be fine. In fact they may even be doing better without you. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re such a good friend they’re missing out or anything like that. Forget about it, you guys just aren’t on the same frequency and you’ll both be far better off without each other. Forgive them for not being who you want them to be and let them go,xx

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