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Me and greater me

Me and greater me

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There is a me and a greater me. There is a you and a greater you.

There is the person Fiona, that’s me.

But there is also a greater me, a greater Fiona. The only thing different is the greater Fiona is aware of something magical running through her, call it whatever, Holy Spirit, universal energy. I’m not fussy about names, I just know it’s pure goodness, it’s sparkly, tingly and flipping rocks my world! Greater Fiona is me just aware of something greater than myself.

I have moved in and out of being ‘just me’ and experienced the feeling of struggle recently. Those times haven’t been easy. But then when I moved back into greater Fiona, I remembered our divine connection, felt it and then felt in awe of how supported I am.

When I’m greater Fiona I feel invincible. The reason I think that happens is because the ‘greater than me energy’ is exactly that, invincible, all powerful and completely loving.

I write this today to remind myself to continue with my daily self healings and prayers because that is mostly when I feel the energy rushing through me at the moment (when I’m not working of course, I always feel it when I’m working).

I’m sharing this with you because I wish someone had reminded me during one of those difficult times recently, to turn to my inner light, pray, allow myself to connect with the divine… Then I might have done it and zoomed straight back to being connected and feeling supported. In fact a very kind lady I know, did exactly that very recently and I’m incredibly grateful.

So if this is the nudge you needed, go for it! Join me in the loving arms of the universe,xx

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