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Tarot v’s Angel Cards

Tarot v’s Angel Cards

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I keep meeting people who tell me they don’t use tarot, they only use angel cards because they’re ‘light worker’. As if anyone who uses Angel cards is a light worker or a true light worker would never consider using tarot. There is so little understanding in those words.

When did it become so unusual to just say ‘I like Angel Cards better’ or ‘I like Tarot cards better’, we do not need to justify our decision based on what we percieve to be more enlightened. To explain my point of view: I do not believe it matters what the cards are called, I do not believe that it matters beyond the individuals own belief. The only thing that matters is the energy the psychic puts onto the cards, that involves the intent of the psychic and what they’re expecting to get in response.

If a psychic is fearful, he or she is more likely to pick up on things that the recipient will find negative or even worse, their fear could totally jeapordise the validity of the reading. Whereas if the psychic is compassionate and non-judgemental of the person and the cards it’ll be easier to get a clear reading regardless of which cards they use, or if they even choose to use cards at all.

If you’re considering using cards, choose the ones that feel the best to you – that is and always will be the most important thing. If you hear someone saying things like above, please remember that their intent is creating that energy,x

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