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Live the story you want to tell

Live the story you want to tell

This entry was posted on May 23, 2013, in Spiritual Wisdom. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments (Edit)

Never was there a quote that so embraced this moment for me.

“Live the story you want to tell”

I want to believe in a world that is kind and fun and inspiring and courageous. I want to trust that sharing myself and my gifts with the world will be a fun enchanting life. I want to socialise with people who do the same, embrace their gifts and who courageously share them with the world.

The words brave and courage come up a lot for me at the moment. I want to be the fearless warrior at the forefront of my story, living life fully and not shrinking into the background because I’m scared of being vulnerable or being wrong.

I understand that we have to embrace our vulnerability and be open regardless. Our hearts were full of love before they even started beating, I want my story to reflect that. I want my story to reflect a whole hearted love, full on trust, courage to move forwards and to embrace a life outside the norm as that appears to be the hand that I was dealt.

I know so many people who have been brought into this world for normal but glorious lives. Beautiful tender hearted women who were meant to be mothers and share their love and compassion with the new souls on this earth. Men who strive in business and are able to support their families and perhaps employee others, supporting a small community with jobs and a livelihood. These are beautiful glorious spiritual lives that our society holds as a norm.

Live the story you want to tell

Great quote isn’t it, I’m going to continue to ask myself this question. It’s fun for me to see a conversation take place in the comments, I’d love nothing more than to have a small community of like minded lovies here, so if you’ve got 2 minutes please tell me what would be the main themes in your story…

Love Fiona,x

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