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True beauty

True beauty

This entry was posted on May 7, 2013, in Daily Life. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment (Edit)

So you get to bed late, you’re stressing about your work, love life or family (or all three). You sleep poorly, skip breakfast. Stand for a few moments starring at your face as you apply make up to cover up yet another bad night of sleep.

Sleeping badly upsets your insulin levels and you eat badly all day, keeping yourself hyped up on caffeine and in a state of mild anxiety all day. For those that care, you’re mostly in your sympathetic nervous system on days like this and your body is experiencing lots of stress hormones in a prolonged and unhealthy way. Your body does not repair and rejuvenate in this state and the cycle continues until you rest, properly rest.

I’m not here to tell you to sleep better by going to bed earlier (but you’ll know if you need to). I’m here to suggest that rather than cover up those tired eyes with make up… you consider creating a beautiful life so that your beauty shines through rather than just being a beautiful face of make up.

A beautiful life is very personal… What does a beautiful life look like to you?

To me today, a beautiful life looks like this:

• Not comparing myself to others – every time I notice myself judging or idolising I say to myself “they’re amazing and I’m amazing” and then I let it go.

• Building a positive self image – smiling at my reflection every time I see it. Even if I don’t want to, I’ll pull funny faces until I make myself laugh. When I think of myself I want to see myself smiling.

• Knowing what I want – more challenging than I expected when there are no limits, I’m still working on this.

• Making my life my own – having the guts to stand up for what I want, make sure my needs heard, make sure all the choices I’ve made are for me and not others (working hard at this and still learning).

• Being grateful – we hear it a lot but being grateful is outrageously important to creating my beautiful life. I want to be grateful and savour beautiful moments. Most of these moments include my friends and family but other times it’s the gratefulness that I live in a society where I am safe.

• Finding peace – with my mistakes, with my choices, forgiving myself and allowing myself to move forwards without the words ‘should have’ bearing down on my future.

• Using my gifts daily – seeing clients for healing, psychic readings, training or coaching. Writing, reading and researching. Knowing that I’m using my unique combination of gifts and who I am to be of greatest service whilst I’m here.

• Simplicity as my goal, lets not over complicate the simple things – living in a clean, simple space with beautiful useful things. Eating simple foods that nourish my body (meat, fish, vegetables, salad, rice, beans, pulses, fruit and chocolate – lol you weren’t expecting the last one unless you know me, chocolate is an important food group).

• Full of cuddles and love – my heart loves easily, I feel best wrapped in a cuddle and those moments are so beautiful they feel like eternity.

Okay I could carry on this list for ages!! Please feel welcome to write some things that help you create a beautiful life in the comments,x

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