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World fill me up

World fill me up

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There are times when we’ll catch ourselves thinking things like we just wish we had someone in our life that would bring the fun, love, thoughtfulness or happiness into our lives. We’ll call this ‘world fill me up’ type of thinking.

This is a trap we all fall into and I’ve definitely been in and out of this type of thinking recently. The reason I’m writing about it today is because it dawned on me how unempowering these sneaky little thoughts can be. They buy into the illusion that we aren’t perfect and whole just as we are. They buy into the idea of separateness, which on a spiritual level just isn’t true.

So, my solution is to be the trait that you want to have in someone else. Rather than looking for the world to fill you up, look to do that for yourself. Be the fun, be the love, be the forgiveness, be the light! Be that today, right now.

The role of ‘lack’ in this spiritual message was there to guide you towards what you can do to fill yourself up. Those unempowering thoughts weren’t meant to circle round your head. They were supposed to be the guiding arrow. Once you’ve embraced the trait you wanted, I suspect you will realise a delightful little truth.

The truth is, you will know that this trait is the best gift you can give yourself and the world right now,x

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