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Writing and a bit about me

Writing and a bit about me

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When I started this blog it was because the passion for writing had begun to sparkle inside me again but this time, I was willing to be read. Being willing to have my writing read is something brand new for me because most of my past writing has been in the form of journals and stories.

When I learnt to write as a child I decided I wanted to be a writer, it was that simple and that straight forward. Specifically I wanted to write stories to be an author. What I didn’t know then is that my a passion for reading and writing would utterly shape my life, it made me great at school and uni because studying came easily to me and then it made me good at my job because there was a heavy research element to my role as a trainer. Oddly writing doesn’t have much of a place in my career as a psychic and healer … and so my blog was born.

What I never counted for was that I would lose hours upon hours writing and the more I wrote the more ideas that came to me. I don’t think they’re ideas dipped in gold dust but I love them, I love sharing them and it’s thanks to a lady who did a spiritual reading for me that I really started paying more attention to my writing, blogging and writing stories. Whether I have a skill or not, is not the point, it’s whether I love it and I do, it expresses a part of me that really sings. If other people enjoy reading it, then all the better.

Here is the lovely spiritual reading I mentioned: “Your words and wisdom help lots of people – you have healing words which are more far reaching than you anticipate. Poetry sings your voice to a beat and in this you are truly blessed as lots of people can benefit from those written words. You are like a fairy with your wand which you can wave to let the magic begin. Words are your power and you write them with gusto and depth which can penetrate deep in to the heart and souls of those who listen or read them. You are like a Shakespeare of our time. Keep writing as this is your strength. Paper and pen are well married with you as the master. You have an inspiring tongue which needs to be heard.”

Isn’t that lovely, it definitely inspired me!

What do you do purely for enjoyment?

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