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Achievements in Business

Achievements in Business

This entry was posted on April 26, 2013, in Daily Life. Bookmark the permalink. Leave a comment (Edit)

Sometimes I surprise myself by taking my own advice.

One of the things that came up in a coaching session I did a long time ago with a client, was to write down what qualities they feel they bring to the work place (if they struggled I got them to use the company values as a starting point) then I asked them to write down all the things they do/had done or achieved that highlighted those values in action.

It was incredibly rewarding for the coachee but I’d forgotten I went home and did the same myself… until today when I was going through one of my notebooks and found a list of all the wonderful achievements I’d had in that particular role. Talk about uplifting! It was especially great because I’d written it – I’d already acknowledged these actions as achievements and atributes I could be proud of in myself.

It was so uplifting that I thought I’d share the exercise with you incase it inspires you to do the same and enjoy the sweet feeling of achievement, even after the event!

Please share some of your achievements or personal favourite attributes that you bring to the work place or your life in general. It can be so uplifting sharing what we’re good at,x

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