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Happiness Now!!

Happiness Now!!

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I believe happiness is a spiritual state because when I’m truly happy, I’m flowing with love and my energy is super fast and sparkly and in my experience that’s when super magical stuff happens.

The same is true for others, I never see people more sparkly than after a healing or when they’re feeling happy.

Happiness right now is always my choice!! Sometimes happiness doesn’t feel like the right word to me, sometimes contentment or love feels more appropriate but you know what I mean… That completely unreasonable state of being where regardless of what’s going on, you feel good!

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the phrase ‘Follow Your Joy’. Whilst it doesn’t tell you what specific action to take, I do think it’s a healthy ‘now’ attitude. Rather than becoming happy after whatever current challenge it is you’re facing is over, it invites you to feel good now, amidst the challenge. I feel like it says ‘life is life, there’ll always be challenge but in this moment where is your joy?’ The phrase invites you to move rather than feel stuck in your current state. It doesn’t push your happiness into the future (which of course we never get to because there is only now).

How many times have we all put off our own happiness by saying ‘oh after this is over, then I’ll relax… Then I’ll look after myself… Then I’ll start doing yoga… Then I’ll stop eating dairy that makes me feel sick… Then I’ll …’

Is there ever a better ‘now’? xx

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