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Donating or Selling?

Donating or Selling?

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I love the feeling of giving things and creating space in my life. Once upon a time, I allowed unwanted items to have no monetary value and this gave me freedom to donate loads more than I would have done otherwise. I’ve realised I’ve got a very different attitude towards items I no longer want in my life than some of my closest friends and family. If I’ve decided I no longer want an item it loses all monetary value, in fact it actually begins to cost me to keep it around. It might not actually cost me money to keep it around but it slowly erodes at my attention, every time I see it or I see the space it’s taking up.

Unlike some of my friends, I wouldn’t look up how much I could get if I sold it on ebay. I know loads of people who do this and gain another £200 from just taking the time to put it up on ebay and sell it. I love hearing about it when other people do it, but I can’t bring myself to do all the faffing to make it happen. A long time ago, I gave some items to a chap I knew who was strapped for cash and was selling as much of his stuff as he could and when I saw what he was doing I brought in a whole drawer of my unwanted expensive electrical items and gave them to him to sell. He wanted to give me some commission when he sold them but I couldn’t think of anything better than the feeling I had from helping someone and being free of those items and gaining a whole drawer back in my house.

This attitude has allowed me to donate things and remove them from my space very quickly. It’s that liberating cleansing feeling I crave and donating does that beautifully for me.

I’m sure there will be loads of people in different camps on this topic but I’d love to hear your thoughts, this is a friendly environment and there is no right or wrong way to live, so what do you prefer doing, donating or selling?x

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