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Spiritual Guru

Spiritual Guru

This entry was posted on April 15, 2013, in Spiritual Wisdom. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment (Edit)

I used to look for a teacher with such determination and such high expectations that what I was looking for was a spiritual guru.

But I wanted one here, one that was in a body (much to the annoyance of my spirit guide who I just considered my friend – lol looking back I was such an ungrateful kid!).

This desire for a living human guru led me through so much disappointment because every time I found someone I thought was the right person… Invariably they ended up being well ‘human’ with human problems and that really bothered me so I would move on to try and find a ‘real teacher/guru’.

Now people seek me out for that position of teacher/ spiritual guru … I’m very conscious that I’m put on the same pedestal that I put my teachers on. And that worries me, because I can only fall from that pedestal.

If you’re looking for a spiritual teacher or guru, please remember that no-one has everything together all the time. Please seek out someone who inspires you, seek out someone who you can be sat with and feel the whole ness of your spirit because they’re so self accepting that the feeling of acceptance radiates from them. And if you disagree with them, embrace the differences between you. After all, you are both divine expressions of life and it’s beautiful to recognise the differences between people without judging which is better or worse!

And above all, love that they’re human too,xx

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