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Fame and Spirituality

Fame and Spirituality

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I was asked a great question the other day, why do you think some mediums are so famous?

What came out of my mouth was something so true it sent shivers up and down my body. Here it is:

“Some people become so famous because they need to reach a wider audience. It’s almost as if they’ve signed a contract with the other souls before they were born and said ‘yes I’ll be there to help you at this time’. The difference with a ‘famous medium’ and someone less well known is the number of people they’ve agreed to help through mediumship. I believe we all sign these agreements before we’re born but it doesn’t have to be helping someone through a mediumship sitting, it could be a smile for a stranger on a day they just needed a little pick me up, or praying for someone when they most need good thoughts. We all have many wonderful ways of helping and fullfilling those contracts … famous mediums must have just agreed to help a lot of people in a similar way.

Let’s say you know a local medium who is outstanding and you feel blessed to have her in your life … well then she’s fulfilling her purpose (or contract with you) whether she only sees 5 people a year for a sitting or whether she sees you inbetween travelling the world doing demonstrations in front of huge audiences.

I think it’s perhaps the same for CEO’s, part of their purpose is to supply employment for people, whether they are a CEO of a small or giant corporation it’s possible that they’re just fulfilling their agreement to provide employment for those souls.

I think the same is true for artists of all kinds, musicians, actors, painters. They’ve agreed to do their ‘work’ to touch people’s souls and their fame is associated with how many people they’ve already agreed to touch through their art.

I have no concrete evidence I’m right, but it definitely feels like there is a truth behind the words. I guess what I’m saying is it appears as though fame is an indicator on how much work in that field they’re going to have to do. I’ve known since I was a child that I would be put to use with my gifts … but that’s how it feels, it feels like we’ve agreed to be of service … I’m just really pleased I appear to be of service doing something I enjoy!

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