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Why are we tired after a holiday?

Why are we tired after a holiday?

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I don’t know about you but I’ve definitely had a great holiday then 12 hours after I’m back, I’m knackered and I can’t understand why.

You feel recharged and revitalised then as soon as your bags are packed you know you’ve got to face the travel, the rubbish travel food, the unpacking, the washing, the food shopping, the cooking and going back to work and even just thinking about it knackers you out.

I don’t have any mystical answer to the problem but the benefits of maintaining your vitality to your spiritual well being are so important I thought I’d throw in a few ideas. I’ve come up with some suggestions for the main things I hear people complaining about, like emails, laundry, cleaning, shopping, cooking etc.

  • take your holiday clothes to the dry cleaners

  • have a cleaner clean the whole of your house on your first day back

  • promise to eat out for the first few evenings

  • order the basic food shop online and have it delievered

  • if you’re flying upgrade to first class

  • allow yourself 2 days at home to reaclimatise

  • rather than worrying about all those emails you’ve got to go back to – set aside a few hours the day before you return and clear as many as possible – whilst keeping your out of office on

I know all of these things cost money but isn’t part of the reason we go on holiday to relax, well these things might just ensure you get to enjoy your holiday for longer than the time you’re away. I believe that one of the main reasons we relax on holiday is because we slow down our pace of life, we move from the hurried, rushing, always running behind feeling to a feeling of we’ll get there when we get there, oh let’s enjoy the scenery and breathe deeply.

What if the ‘need to hurry’ at home was replaced with ‘a right to be relaxed’?

The ideas above were just a few ways we can ease ourselves back into daily life after an amazing holiday whilst maintaining some of that bliss we found during our break… please share your own ways of bringing calm back into your daily life after a holiday,x

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