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ake the Good with the Bad. Lesson 3

Take the Good with the Bad. Lesson 3

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There is always something going on in either your life, the people around you or on the news that is difficult or tragic. But equally there is always something good around you or your friends that you can celebrate and/or aspire to.

It’s so easy to focus on the negative things, it’s an easy resting place for the lazy brain so most people have to make a deliberate effort to find and focus on the silver lining.

It’s not a happy clappy hippy thing, there have been plenty of studies that link positive people with successful and happy lives. Taking the good with the bad is a skill, a mind habit and one definitely worth cultivating.

A small example of taking the good with the bad for me this week was that I lost over 400 contacts on my phone, devastating at the time because I’ve never kept a paper back up so they are well and truly gone. But the good thing that came out of it was that with all the software upgrades my phone is working better and quicker than ever.

In what ways this week have you had to take the good with the bad?

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