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The Lost Art of Listening

The Lost Art of Listening

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When my Granny phones me it can be the highlight of my day and it’s not just because I love her, it’s because she listens. Really listens. I know she’s sat down and has given me her full focus. She’s not listening to the TV or radio, she’s not surfing the web or checking her facebook or texting someone at the same time. She’s called because she wants to hear how I’m doing and it always reminds me to stop whatever I’m doing and really enjoy the conversation.

I notice that when she calls, my tea or coffee doesn’t get cold because I remember it’s there to drink. I notice the birds in the garden and what the weather is like and today I even noticed how beautiful our apple blossom tree is.

It made me realise that our fast paced lives leave little room for being in the moment and really listening. Life feels fast but we can choose to slow down. We can choose to only do one thing at a time and I am going to start making more of an effort to only listen when I listen.

What were you doing during your last phone call? (Listening and…)

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