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Can’t Decide What to Wear?

Can’t Decide What to Wear?

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Is the reason you can’t decide what to wear because your wardrobe is so full that it’s actually stressful looking in it? It’s been recognised that we are usually overwhelmed by choice rather than inspired by it. One way to make your mornings easier and more peaceful is to reduce the amount of clothes you have.

Solution: Go through your wardrobe and drawers very quickly and throw everything you don’t love, don’t fit or don’t honestly wear into a charity pile. Do it quickly – that’s the secret for me.

Next go through the clothes that are left in your wardrobe and select your favourite 30-50 items that are seasonally appropriate for the next 3 months. The number of items I think should be flexible, 30 items for the really determined and 50 item for the people easing themselves into it. Then simply put the rest of your clothes in a box or a suitcase and put it out sight (you’ll revisit at the end of the 3 months).

I appreciate some people will change size (e.g. pregnancy) please just box up your clothes that don’t fit right now. Label the boxes with what size you’ve put in the box, it’ll make it easier to find later

Since 2004 I’ve been refining my clothes due to a colour and style analysis that literally opened my eyes to what suits me. It’s improved the way I dress and helped me make good decisions when I’m buying clothes. It was an amazing experience and I often recommend it to people. Very recently I was encouraged to reassess my wardrobe and make my choices even easier by joining Project 333. It’s free and inspiring and well worth checking out.

Does your wardrobe look busy like a jumble sale or a deliberately sparse designer rail? What’s the state of your wardrobe?

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