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I love minimalism.

I would call myself a minimalist at heart because by nature I love spaciousness and in life I work towards only having things in my life that I love or find useful. For me minimalism is about removing enough ‘things’ that there is more space for love, life and laughter. I know there are some minimalists who live out of a backpack or own only 100 things, I don’t fit into that group although I’m sure it is liberating.

I do have ‘things’ and I don’t know how many (I’ve never counted). When my other half and I moved from our last house we took the opportunity to purge our home from what was no longer useful or loved and we easily filled a skip and took twice that amount to charity shops. It felt great and honestly, I thought we were kind of done, like we’d removed as much as we could. We needed the rest. Oh how wrong I was!

We’re considering turning one of our rooms into a study but it relies heavily on the idea that I can remove at least one set of drawers from the room. It’s been a surprisingly tricky exercise in minimalism and reorganisation and I’m not done yet. There are six large drawers and so far I’ve completed five but I’m really struggling with the final one. Why? Because that’s where I store my jewellery, my hairbands, my surplus make-up that rarely gets used and other bathroom products that get used occasionally. I had no idea I was so attached to the contents of this drawer that I only open occasionally but something must be done and there isn’t space anywhere else for them, unless I radically declutter somewhere else too… what would you suggest?

Your helpful tips and advice are welcome and I’ll let you know in the comments when and how I achieve this! Fiona,x

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