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Buying: Products vs Experiences?

Buying: Products vs Experiences?

This entry was posted on June 7, 2012, in Space Clearing. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments (Edit)

During a coaching session with one of my lovely clients it became increasingly obvious that our values are polar opposites when it comes to products.

I love going for facials, massages, psychic readings, coaching sessions, dead sea floatation experiences, driving lessons in supercars, dance classes. So the extra money I have goes on these wonderful experiences. My client has a passion for clothes and colour and variety and it shows, she always looks amazing, open and inviting and she mostly spends her extra money on products.

It occurred to me when we were speaking on skype that I put more value on experiences than products and she puts more value on products. Neither is right, wrong, better or worse, just different. I found it fascinating because when I see a product my first thoughts are: “oh no, where will that go?”, “do I have space for it?”, “will I end up giving it to charity in 6 months?”. I see products as clutter but she gets great delight from them but couldn’t bear the idea of wasting money on a massage.

I’m not sure where you place your value, but I’d love you to tell me in the comments…

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