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Can anyone be psychic?

Can anyone be psychic?

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Recently I’ve been asked a number of times if I believe anyone can be psychic or if anyone can train to be a medium, so I thought I’d write a post about what I believe…

I do not believe that everyone can be a medium but I do believe that everyone is psychic. To clarify that statement I wanted to add that I believe just like with all skills, people are psychic to varying degrees. So you could be a terrible runner, a good runner, a great runner or the best runner in the world but each one of those people can run. I also believe that just because someone might have walked everywhere, it doesn’t mean they can’t run. Running could just be a latent talent that they haven’t used. I believe there are plenty of people walking around with no idea they’re psychic. (* NB: I also believe that it’s fine, I’m sure they’re all perfectly well and happy just as they are)

The reason I don’t believe everyone can be a medium is because I believe that people have an energetic range of frequencies available to them whilst they’re in their body and to be a medium your frequency has to be similar enough to the frequency of spirit so that they can connect with you. Equally I believe that with mediums they can have a great talent or small one but regardless of their natural talent I believe that mediums and psychic’s must learn about themselves and practice to be the best they can be. As a sidenote, I believe that all mediums are also psychic.

Interestingly and most importantly, the skill I believe that supports everyone most in their lives is their ‘intuition’. Speaking from experience, my intuition supports my daily life and decisions far more than being psychic does (lol- apart from the fact that it’s how I make my living) and I love it and trust it and am constantly grateful for it. One of my favourite things to do is to train and coach people in developing their intuition because when they realise that the most significant skill is already within them, they feel empowered and often start making smarter decisions for themselves, rather than deferring to someone else.

Thinking of the three skills, intuition, psychic and mediumistic – here is how I like to think of them because it’s easy to imagine. Picture this: you’ve got a circle around you and it’s your intution about your life, then there is a greater circle that overlaps you with other people and that’s your psychic connection, then finally there is a greater circle that overlaps you with the spirit world and that’s the mediumistic connection. I like that image because I feel it also neatly illustrates that each circle serves it’s inhabitants:

  • your intution serves you

  • your psychic connection serves other people

  • your mediumistic connection serves the spirit world

How do you use your intuition? Comment below,x (In fact I’d love to do some case studies to find out how people use their intuition in everyday life) Fiona,x

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