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If you’re waiting for a sign – This is it!

If you’re waiting for a sign – This is it!

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On Facebook I saw a photo of a person holding up a sign that read “If you’re waiting for a sign – This is it!”

I loved it, even just reading it made me feel inspired. It made me laugh at how whimsically we can hold ourselves back from what we want, even if everything else is in place ready to go, we’ll just wait for a sign. Perhaps it goes back to our childhood where it’s easier to wait to be told what to do? Or perhaps it’s just easier dreaming rather than doing? But if you have a project you’ve been thinking and planning on doing and everything is in place except you taking that one step forwards … perhaps this’ll inspire you too.

Here are a list of projects I’ve heard people say they want to do, but just haven’t got round to do:

  • declutter their wardrobe

  • write a book

  • start a dance class

  • join a gym

  • start running

  • take their dog to training classes

  • read a book

  • learn to cook

  • redecorate their house

  • move house



Starting a project can cause some of us to feel overwhelmed. The easiest solution to overcome this is simply to ask yourself: what is the one thing I can do today to move me further on this project? Your one action doesn’t have to be something you want to shout about from the roof tops – it can be ‘spend 10 mins researching online’, ‘in the next 5 minutes I will find 10 items in my house that can go to charity – pop them in a box or bag and put straight into my car boot or by the front door’.

Seeing that sign on facebook also reminded me to claim responsibility in my life and not wait for someone to tell me what to do. Remember it’s your life and only you have the right to make the decision to take that step forwards in your life, don’t let someone else or even these words be a guiding light, unless that’s what you want.

Please feel welcome to share your projects in the comments, I’d love to know what you’re stepping forwards with,x

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