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The Empty Drawer

The Empty Drawer

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I don’t live in a minimalist home but I do love space and in particular I love the feeling of peace that comes from an uncluttered space.

One of my secrets to keeping a beautiful uncluttered space is to always keep an empty drawer.

Do you remember back to when you were young and used to get given pocket-money for keeping your room tidy? Well, I was smart enough (or devious enough, depending on your opinion) to realise that if I had an empty drawer I could easily sweep all my ‘stuff’ into the drawer, quickly make my bed… and then my bedroom was tidy and I could tell Mum that my room was done (and of course receive my pocket-money).

Genius! Yes, I still think so. Even now, I always keep one drawer in the house empty so that if I feel the desire to sweep all the ‘stuff’ out of sight then it can easily be done. The relief of being able to create an uncluttered space so quickly is amazingly relaxing.

Obviously, this incredible secret does involve a little bit of work, namely going through the drawer and emptying it, but I find that bit easy enough once my mind has been able to enjoy the ‘space’ that was created so effortlessly. The only additional bit of work might be that you don’t have a spare drawer yet… if that’s the case, then you get the pleasure of decluttering one of your drawers.

Easy Action Steps:

  • Empty the drawer (yes put all of your ‘stuff’ on the floor)

  • Take a duster and clean it

  • Then declutter.

Remember it’s a great feeling being completely selective about what you want in your life.

Share your decluttering tips and projects with me below…

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