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Creating Beautiful Spaces

Creating Beautiful Spaces

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Bedrooms are at the core of our lives because without sleep we don’t function successfully. Creating beautiful spaces in your home and a beautiful life begins with the bedroom because if we sleep well, life is easier. Then all the other wonderful things we want to do and achieve are easier too.

Making the bedroom a peaceful sanctuary so you look forward to going to bed each evening is a small work of art.

Here are a few tips:

  • Number One and no surprise is – Always make the bed in the morning

  • Use plain bed covers, it immediately looks calmer (patterns are sometimes too busy for everyone’s already over stimulated brain)

  • Put a small lamp next to your bed, it’s far easier than fighting about who should turn out the light and better for your relationship

  • Make sure all your clothes are put away (yes I know that means a daily chore, but 3 minutes of effort is worth 7hours sleep and that glorious glow that all well rested people enjoy)

  • Remove as many knickknacks as possible, the less ‘stuff’ there is, the more peaceful it’ll feel (There is no law saying you must donate it to charity, you can just box it up and put it under your bed or at the bottom of your wardrobe to give yourself a few months of blissful space)

  • If you’ve got the extra money, invest in a silk pillow, that’s an easy way I found to add a bit of luxury and softness to your room (in fact I’ve loved my silk pillow so much I bought a small cushion for my sofa too)

  • Search through your nightwear, remove all the items that you don’t absolutely love and then you’re left with gorgeous night clothes that make you feel good! Plus it will make you want to get dressed for bed early so when you’re tired all you have to do is slip under the covers

There is bound to be loads of other ideas that can help create a beautiful peaceful bedroom. One of the things I love about the blogs I follow is that people are always willing to share their thoughts and I learn quite a lot from reading the comments, so please let us know what you’ve done to create your bedroom sanctuary or perhaps what you would like to do to create a more peaceful bedroom…

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