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When life seems difficult

When life seems difficult

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I’ve been going through some pretty significant changes over the past two weeks and it’s reminded me how difficult life can be when you’re struggling with change. There have been times over the past two weeks where I’ve felt great, I’ve really embraced that change and felt really good about it. And there have been other times where I’m incredibly disappointed and annoyed that I’ve got to change.

On the whole, I like change, well the change that I choose anyway but when it’s a change that is enforced upon you (even if it’s for your own good) it’s easy to feel annoyed and resistant. These negative feelings come from a lack of trust in the universe and a movement away from faith into the illusion of control. As some of you will know, I’ve been blessed with the gift of feeling energy and when you can feel it all around and within you, it’s easier to remember to trust and have faith, but I got thinking, what if I didn’t have that… what would I do to find my faith during difficult times?

I would make an effort to connect with others and connect with nature, to have a purpose and connect with that vision, to meditate, to exercise and to eat well because all these things help energy flow easier. I know people who need and want a quicker, more intense boost so they come to me for healing. Experiencing healing, it all its forms, Reiki, Spiritual, Distance healing, etc are all lovely ways to get back to your natural state of trust and faith. Faith is incredibly powerful and it’s only in moments when we forget our faith that we feel weak and insignificant and afraid. Life is easier when your spiritual side is taken care of.

What do you like to do to connect with your trust and faith?

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