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Your Unique Energy Signature

This entry was posted on February 11, 2012, in Spiritual Wisdom and tagged aura, spiritual energy. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment (Edit)

Okay you guys have been asking me to explain more about how energy works and this is a good place to start…

To me, everyone feels different, everyone has a unique ‘energy signature’.

I created the term ‘energy signature’ when I was 19 and I was trying to describe how people felt to me. Everyone has a written signature and each person’s signature is different and that explanation is just as true for our energy, everyone has their own unique energy signature.

On top of our unique energy signature, our energy also reflects what is going on in our lives.

In my psychic development group I teach students to feel energy, recognise the feeling of someone elses energy and also move their own energy. With these basic’s a world of possibilities becomes available.

Think for a minute, if I was sat with you, right now, what do you think I’d pick up on? What’s your energy reflecting at the moment? Is it raring to go and hit the gym or take up a new project or is it quietly asking you to slow down and take a break?

We live in our minds so much that we often forget we’re physical beings and not machines – be kind to yourself – what do you really need today?

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