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Reluctant Psychic to Motivated and Inspired

This entry was posted on February 11, 2012, in Daily Life.

I have to admit, when I watched ‘Hereafter’ with Matt Damon, it struck a little too close to home. For those of you who are yet to watch it, it’s about a reluctant psychic/medium. In particular, I identified with his reluctance to commit to his gifts and his fear at how he’d be perceived by ‘normal’ people. I even had a little giggle to myself because at one point he used the same language I once did.

I found seeing someone else experience that reluctant state quite uncomfortable, probably because I spent a lot of time experiencing the same feelings when I was a teenager (one of my friends used to call it the ‘why me?’ state). So needless to say it brought back a lot of memories that were fueled more from fear than love. But rather than bringing me down, as I’d have expected, it made me really grateful and pleased that I’ve now accepted who I am and that I’m now in a place, where I feel comfortable and confident with my gifts.

It was all particularly poignant because before Christmas 2011 I resigned from my corporate career to be fully committed to my gifts. This is a step that took courage and faith because it ‘felt’ like the right time and I feel very blessed because I’ve had an incredible response from the universe. Far beyond what I could have wished for, I’m busy in my first month! Amazingly, lots of people have just ‘found’ me since I resigned and I can only assume it’s because I’ve fully committed now and the universe wants to put my gifts to good use.

So in a loud crystal clear voice that vibrates through the universe, I can say “I’m here and I’m fully committed to using my gifts to help everyone I can.”

Tell me, what has happened when you’ve fully committed to something?

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