Stirfry with coconut milk



So this all started when Oli & I read Dr Mosely’s book, The Blood Sugar Diet. We were both so impressed with the science & amazed by the clear health benefits of transitioning to the principles, that we decided to start trying out some of the recipes in their book. 


I’ve wanted to build a recipe book for myself for many years. I’ve even tried a few times but when I have I’ve written it in a notebook (as I have in the photo) but then I’ll stupidly lost the notebook or forgetten which one it was ... which is obviously no use to us in the future! So I figured I’d post them on my blog & we’re going to rate each one out of 10!



Oli - 7/10

Fiona - 9/10


P.S. Apologies, I’m not a food blogger & I completely forgot to take a pretty photo before we ate it. & my novice nature can also been seen when I altered the recipe to use up vegetables in the fridge lol... but I did write that & it made our lunch for tomorrow so I’m pretty pleased!

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