DIY Caffeine Scrub

Did you know that caffeine has an ability to penetrate the skin barrier and is an antioxidant and vasoconstrictor, so... when applied topically it can fight damaged UV cells and it doesn't affect the healthy cells? Crazy right! & that's only one of the cool things it can do for our skin, the main one I'm interested in, is that it's anti inflammatory!

Luckily most of us have a pot of coffee in our cupboards which makes this DIY Scrub easy to create!

DIY Caffeine Scrub 1 cup of coffee grounds 3 tablespoons of sea salt flakes 6 tablespoons of coconut oil

Mix it all together, use in the shower. And for extra points use a dry brush before hand to exfoliate and stimulate blood flow.

I've made mine and I can tell you it smells delicious but it doesn't look anywhere near as gorgeous as this photo, photo credit: There are lots of different caffeine scrubs, you might like to go investigate different ones, but so far I'm very very happy with the Glow 15 Caffeine Scrub.

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