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Intuition and Dreams

Names Changed for Discretion

Do you pay attention to your dreams? I think it's one of the easiest ways to tap into the wisdom from your intuition. So I often tell clients who struggle with meditation but still want answers, to focus on their question before going to sleep. One client recently tried this and it's started a stream of useful and unusual prophetic dreams. Suzie had been offered 2 jobs and she was struggling to choose, both had advantages. She messaged me for a reading (and I could only book her in during March) so I suggested she paid attention to her dreams after focusing on her question before falling asleep. I tend to choose different exercises for different people (different frequencies suit different exercises). Suzie got a clear answer to which job and then the following week she continued to pay more attention to her dreams. One night she dreamt of someone she barely knew and hadn't seen in years then the following day she bumped into her, which massively weirded Suzie out and she texted me! There were a few more prophetic dreams that week, all seemingly small stuff in day to day life but the fact that she saw it before it happened she thought was kinda cool! These kind of occurrences are very common when we start paying attention to our intuition (whether that's in the form of meditation, guided visualisation, dreams, journalling etc.) Might dreams be your way to tap into your intuitive wisdom? If so: 1. Briefly focus on the question before bed (don't try to solve it)... 2. Leave a notepad next to your bed and when you wake up write your dream (even if it has nothing to do with your question) 3. Do this for 2 weeks or until your question is answered

Tell me how it went below or if you've got any cool stories about your dreams...

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