How my Spirit Guide helped me create my website


On Tuesday 22nd November 2016, I decided to quit dairy and sugar again! BIG NEWS!! I've done it before for 8 months and felt great but invariably 'forever' is a loooong time so it came to a halt when I went travelling. But I randomly decided to quit it again, but only for 10 days. I figured that's a bit more manageable than 'forever'.

That night I went to bed and asked my spirit guides if they had any advice for me (not something I've done for YEARS) ... anyway, I heard as clear as day,
"Delete social media off your phone" and I had a feeling which was powerful and memorable, the feeling was, "you've got lots to do" and I can still feel it echoing in my soul now. It was a very specific instruction to delete my social media from my phone and the last time my guide told me to do something oddly specific, it was to quit wheat which I thought was too hard so I didn't listen and I ended up with a wheat allergy 3 years later... so... I'm REALLY listening now!!!. 

I picked up my phone and deleted Facebook and Instagram (a little sad because I LOOOOOVE sharing and being part of everyone's life on social media plus I'd never considered doing it before so I was a bit sad). I did it, then I panicked, I thought I'd deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts!!". I quickly googled and thankfully realised all was well and my accounts were fine.

The next morning, I had a message from my friend Lauren and there was a sentence that kind of jumped out at me, it said, "Fiona, you'll be amazed at how much you can get done before Xmas". I then put my phone down and went online and started building my website, worked until 2am a few nights that week and in between every client, and just over a week later.... I'm still sugar and dairy free, I've got more physical energy than I've had for ages and... I have this new website!x



I went back on social media as soon as I'd created the website (grateful for the focus it gave me, but grateful to reconnect with everyone on social media).

3 months later I'm still sugar and dairy free


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