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Celebrating a cold!

I know sounds a bit bonkers right!? But bear with me...

I've got a life threatening allergy to nuts and I've met quite a few immunologists over the years. One of the questions that they always ask is "how often do you get colds?" and for the last 12 years or so I've always said "I don't get colds but if I do actually get sick, it always seems to be very dramatic, like a "chest infection and flu at the same time". The last time I got asked this question, I asked why Dr's always ask that.

It turns out it's because when someone is 'of an allergic type' their immune systems are either shot to sh*t and they're always getting colds or their immune system is hyper alert and kills everything. I've always been of the second type with a hyper alert immune system and I'd always thought that was a good thing until the same immunologist explained that it would be healthier for me if I could get 1-2 colds a year because of two reasons.

1. It would indicate my immune system had relaxed a bit

2. When we have colds, it's one quick easy way for the body to shed any old useless cells

So today, the first day of my first cold for YEARS, I am celebrating!

I'm also excited because I'm hopeful that the changes I've been making to my lifestyle and diet could have (probably have) contributed to this change. I'm also hopeful that I'm better by tomorrow haha!

P.S. Disclaimer, this is only what I've been told. I am not a medical doctor and I have taken this information as fact because it makes logical sense to me, but that doesn't mean you have to ;-)

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