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Training Courses

Training Courses

Monthly Meditation Membership 


Become a Goddess in Training and have 24hr online access to new meditations every month from anywhere in the world.

You will be guided through a series of energetic meditations and develop a deeper connection to the universal energy.

Make It Happen

Coaching Group

The Make It Happen Coaching Group is a great way to really make this year count. You will gain the support and focus you need to move your life forward in the way you most want!

Different coaching packages 


Learn Reiki 1


1 day course + an energy check to achieve your certificate

This is taught one on one so you get my full attention. The whole day is focused on your learning and is practical from the start. 

Feel the energy and learn how to give yourself Reiki Self Healing!

Learn Reiki 2


1 day course + an energy check to achieve your certificate

Learn how to become a Reiki Practitioner and work with others.

The day is taught one on one again so you get my full attention. You will practice giving reiki to someone during the day (whether that's me or one of your friends). 

Spiritual Mentoring

£500 for a 3 month course

1 hour session every month where you will be guided through your development of your intuition and sensitivities to energy.


Build practices that stretch and grow your intuition, healing or mediumship. 

Includes weekly catch ups via text.

Reiki Masters

This isn't for everyone... because not everyone wants to teach others, click through to learn more.

Meditation Course

£150 for a 9 month course

Sept - May

This year the meditation group is entirely online. Meditations are uploaded on the first Monday of every month. You will be guided through a series of energetic meditations.

You can join the group at any time for £15 a month.


 To attend from anywhere in the world, scroll up to join the online Monthly Meditation Membership which gives you access to the live course from where ever you are in the world.

 Contact me for payment details.

Psychic Development Group

£210 for 9 sessions


Develop your intuition in a safe, fun environment.

First Monday of every month at 8pm.

Sept - May

The group is now open for registration, contact me now.

& look at the online Meditation Membership (above) because the meditations I share each month are the ones I use personally to build my energy and connect with my intuition.

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