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You're Invited

I'd be honoured if you would join our monthly meditation group for a 8 wonderful evenings of meditation.


You will spend some much needed quiet time with your soul and leave feeling peaceful, relaxed and recharged.

             Much love,




Meditation Time

Are you near by?

If you're based near Wokingham, Berkshire and you would love try a meditation group... you're in the right place! If you're else where in the world, get involved because I've figured out how to offer you the same beautiful experience each month.

In each meditation evening, you will be guided through a couple of meditations, we always start with a short one, then delve into a longer, deeper meditation. Being a coach and trainer, there's often an exercise too so please always make sure you bring a notepad and pen.

It doesn't matter whether you're new to meditation or you're an experienced meditator, we all benefit from meditating in a group of harmonised energy and this is a non-judgemental space where you can come and enjoy some sacred time with yourself.

Please feel welcome to enjoy the meditation below... I created it for you guys (& there are more on my youtube channel if you want to check them out, remember to subscribe for future ones).

Here's some more meditation goodness for you guys! 


Why don't you do many drop ins?


I love meeting new people and introducing new people to meditation. There is just something so special about meditating with a group whose energy has already harmonised. It's hard to describe but there is a shift in energy and a kind of resonance that happens when a groups energies have harmonised and I believe you'll get more from the experience if it's the same group each month. 

The drop in sessions happen in May and June, every year and I hold meditation workshops a couple of times a year. There are plenty of ways for you to get to know me and my style through youtube meditations and workshops and a drop in session in May. Then in September, when life gets back to normal for most people, the closed group begins and it runs for 9 months.

I'm gutted, I'd love to come but I live too far away to travel each month?

Great news, we have an online group as well, so you can attend in your own time and at your own leisure, even from the comfort of your sofa. After you've booked onto the course you'll be invited into a private group and you'll get access to each meditation session each month.


Thank You for my invitation, how do I join the closed meditation group?

All you have to do is contact me before the July 30th and pay the full 9 months in advance (£135) to reserve your place. I understand that life sometimes throws us a curve ball so if you can't make one of the evening's, due to holiday or sickness, you'll also have access online via our private meditation group that I'll invite you to once you're booked onto the course. 

This all sounds great but I'm not sure I will like it... is it okay if I just come to one to test it out?

Of course, that's exactly why I do drop in sessions during the summer months and the free online meditations on youtube. Although one or two short meditations will never give you a full flavour for our meditation group, it's a good start. It's an easy way for you to get to know my style and decide if it's the right time for you. Plus I will be holding a few workshops throughout the year, be sure to book onto one of those to see what it's like.

Thank you for the invitation, but I'm too late, the closed group has already started ?

I'm so sorry to hear that, but don't worry, you can join the online group whenever, it's the exact same experience, just from the comfort of your home. Also, if finances are currently a restriction, please enjoy the meditations on the blog and on my youtube channel to their fullest extent and be sure to sign up to the newsletter below to claim your place as soon as the group opens again (and to hear of any weekend workshops I'm hosting).

You're invited

1st Monday of every month




Please get in touch to book your place.

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