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Psychic Development


I'm passionate about learning, improving and developing in all areas of life and above all, I believe everyone benefits from developing their intuition. We all have access to our psychic gifts! If there were one thing that I wish I could give the world, it would be a stronger, refined sense of our own intuition. If this is something you are interested in, please read below for more details...

The psychic development group is held in Wokingham town centre, (if it grows larger than 15 people we'll have to find another location but for now it's perfect). The group is mixed ability, from total beginners upwards.

The psychic development group will run immediately after the meditation group because it's the perfect way to prepare your mind for energy work. Meditation is one of the building blocks to your psychic development and you are very welcome to attend the meditation group, please get in touch.









Psychic Development Group

Wokingham Town Centre

1st Monday of every month

8pm for £20


What will we cover in the psychic development group?


Here are just some of my ideas:

1. How to harness universal energy

2. How to build universal energy in your body

3. Feeling universal energy

4. Feeling people's auras (their energy bodies)

5. How to gain psychic impressions from people

6. How to gain psychic impressions from things (Psychometry)

7. How to use the power of the pendulum

8. Working in the light, figuring out 'psychic protection' and 'claiming your space'

9. Energy programming an item of jewellery for a specific purpose (creating your own talisman)

10. Moon magic rituals to make life more awesome

11. How to infuse your day with crystal goodness

12. How to know you're doing it right

13. Gain confidence using your intuition

14. Meet other like minded souls

Get in touch to reserve your place,xx

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