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Reiki Masters Training

£1250  (payment plans available)

Holding Hands

This is a very special journey that not everyone who learns Reiki takes.


It's a path for those of us who feel a deep affinity to healing and the energy arts. As a fellow energy art enthusiast, I've combined my skills in learning and development with my healing and energy gifts to create a programme that is as supportive and deeply fulfilling as possible. If you choose to come on this journey with me, I'm sure we'll have a great time! But be under no illusions, this is an intense course.

Your Reiki Masters Training takes a multifaceted approach of energetic, practical and physical training.

Distance Healing:

  • You will be given distance healing for 3 weeks prior to your Reiki Masters Training weekend and 3 weeks afterwards.

Training Days:

  • You will be taught one to one, over two training days, often over a weekend, 10-4pm (always with an hour for lunch)

  • This is a hands on two days where most work will be practical

  • You will be attuned to the level of Reiki Master in the Traditional Usui Method

  • You will be introduced to the Master Attunement Symbols

  • You will learn to activate the attunement symbols

  • You will learn and practice performing attunements yourself

Course work:

  • You will create the training material you'll need to train someone in Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Masters.

  • You will design your certificates

  • You will submit your course work before you receive your Reiki Masters Certificate


  • You will get the opportunity to check in with me once a week during the three weeks prior and three weeks running up to your assessment day, whether that's a phone call or FaceTime chat or just a text.

  • You will have the opportunity to rebook distance healing at a discounted rate for a further 3 months after your initial six week sessions.


Before you achieve your Reiki Masters Certificate of Achievement: 

  • You will have successfully attuned someone during the one to one training

  • You will know the Reiki Master Symbols, demonstrated by drawing and also by activation in front of the Reiki Master on your assessment day

  • You will have submitted the training material and lesson plans and certificates for Reiki 1, 2 & Masters

  • You will demonstrate the shifts that take place with daily self healing and maintained the new frequency which will be assessed on your assessment day, 21-42 days after your training is complete.. 

Put your hand on your heart and takes a few slow breaths, and ask: Is this journey in my highest good? and if so, please feel welcome to get in touch!


If you choose me as your Reiki Master, please know that I am deeply honoured.

I believe the whole reason I exist is to work with energy, share my gifts and train people in the subtle art of energy, so that together we can light up the world!


Contact me on 07766521118

Please leave a voicemail and mention you're interested in the Reiki Masters Programme 

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