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Become a Goddess in Training...

 Would you like to become a Goddess?

If you're excited to start exploring your spiritual side and wish you could have come to the monthly meditation group, but you live too far away or you can't make the day/time, then becoming a Goddess in Training will be the perfect way to get some welcome guidance on your spiritual journey.


What do Goddesses get?


Except from feeling great and developing a closer connection to your sparkle... ;-) 


Each month you'll get:

  • A short meditation

  • A long meditation

  • An exercise to support the meditations

Do you sometimes feel like you want a spiritual running buddy?


If so, this is for you!


If you've always wanted to meditate but never felt confident to just sit and close your eyes, these guided meditations are for you. In my own meditation practice I mostly do a mixture of Belly Breathing and Energetic Meditations that are all centred around activating our subtle energy bodies and creating energetic change that aids a positive mindset and a strong connection to the universe.

What's the benefit of becoming a Goddess?

  • You'll have a spiritual running buddy, a spiritual friend to guide you into calm who is always available whenever you have time!

  • All you have to do is press play, sit back and relax. My meditations are easy to follow and will help you release stress and find a more peaceful space.

  • It'll save you time and simplify your life. I've heard the Dalai Lama say that when he knows he has a tough or busy day ahead, he sits for longer in meditation. He knows the magic of meditation and how it seems to bend time, how it makes your mind sharper and it easier to know the best decision.  

  • Use this membership space as a pick-me-up when you’re down. Tune in for a boost when you need one and remember you can charge up fully any time you like. 

  • It’s like having a one to one session with me every month! I’ll be in your headphones and on your computer screen offering you clear direction, practical actions and ways to access your spiritual guidance so that you feel supported on your journey.

Do you find that life gets in the way of your meditation practice?


Do you have a pile of spiritual books next to your bed?


Do you love nothing more than learning about spiritual growth and writing in your journal?

If the answer is yes, then let's be best friends!

Don’t let your spiritual practice be another item on your to-do list!

                                                           Become a Goddess in Training and make it fun and easy!


£15 / month

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