Are You Always Cleaning?

Are You Always Cleaning?

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You Are Not Alone!


Further good news … the culprit has been caught and is currently being charged … the culprit is: Stuff!


I recently went to someone’s house and there was so much stuff on every shelf and window that I wasn’t surprised it was dusty. My house would probably be dusty if I had to move all that stuff everytime I cleaned.

Remove all or most the ‘stuff’ from surfaces and make cleaning loads easier!


One of my deliberate actions when we moved house was to have as few items on windowsills as was elegantly possible. This decision did involve removing ornaments that we were bored with, and storing a few others to rotate when we felt like a change (I like the idea of shopping from your treasured possessions so a little space put aside for these things seems like a good idea to me).


So get moving, aim for 1 or 3 items on a surface and you’ll be amazed at how much easier cleaning gets 

What are you’re tips to making cleaning easier/quicker/less of a chore?


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Tarot v’s Angel Cards

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Tarot v’s Angel Cards

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